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Inventing Personal Microderm, PMD Kiss, & PMD Clean

Microdermabrasion is not a fad. In fact, it can be traced all around the globe, as early as 1500 BC when Egyptians invented a process of using sandpaper to smooth the skin. In 1990 microdermabrasion was introduced to America. With the overwhelming acceptance in Hollywood, the buzz of microdermabrasion exploded. With the growing popularity, PMD was founded to create at-home beauty treatments that are Smart, Safe and Convenient.


A group of Doctors, engineers and microdermabrasion experts developed the first handheld at-home microdermabrasion device. With the Patented Spinning Disc and perfectly calibrated vacuum suction the Personal Microderm revolutionized at-home skin treatments.


A study conducted by world renowned Dr. Mark Taylor showed the Personal Microderm is equivalent to $10k physician microdermabrasion machines.

“Seven different patients used the home use tool for a period of 12 weeks at an average of 15 treatments per patient. Most used the tool every 5-6 days. Improvement was equivalent to that which we can achieve with professional microdermabrasion equipment.”

LATE 2004

PMD enters a clinical study at the University of California, San Francisco with 54 patients (44 female, 10 male). Physicians noticed:

  • 70% improvement in wrinkles
  • 80% improvement in sun damage
  • 173% improvement in skin roughness
  • overall skin improvement of 70%.

EARLY 2010

Of all places, PMD’s story really took off at a Denny’s restaurant. CEO Sam Alexander recalls,

“I was asked to meet at 7am for a breakfast meeting to review an at-home microdermabrasion device. I still remember seeing the Personal Microderm for the first time. I immediately knew this device was going to change millions of lives”.


From the early days of PMD in 2004, there were 1800 devices produced. Out of Paul Taggart’s basement office and without any type of funding, PMD sent 500 of the original 1800 devices to mommy bloggers in hopes of positive reviews. Alexander recalls,

“We were thrilled to see the “mommy” blogger posts pour in. Soon after their blog posts launched our sales skyrocketed and the community of brilliant confidence began.”



Our skincare uses powerful and effective ingredients specifically to calm, soothe and regenerate skin. We create Specially Formulated skincare guaranteed to work in harmony with our devices.


You asked, we delivered! After three years of perfecting, we launched the PMD Kiss. Adding patent pending pulsating vacuum technology, PMD Kiss is the first anti-aging lip plumping tool designed to safely enhance and restore the lips for a more youthful appearance.


Our team developed the PMD Clean to revolutionize the way you cleanse your skin. Using smart technology, the PMD Clean is an affordable luxury and easy to use. PMD Clean works in tandem with the personal microderm device. Where the personal microderm is a weekly treatment, we wanted our customers to be sure they were thoroughly cleansing their skin daily, maintaining a fresh face!


PMD is literally building #BrilliantConfidence throughout the world. We are dreamers and believe anything is possible. With the help of 1000’s of men and women across the globe, we launched PMD without funding and without big budget marketing. Our success is because of people like you who love and share our product. PMD has been able to give back and make a difference with families across the world. We are committed to building confidence in your skin, your inner self and YOUR families.

Today, PMD is truly a premier beauty company offering beauty tools and skincare products that inspire and build Brilliant Confidence from the convenience of your own home. We have been working hard to develop new beauty products utilizing new technology and continue to maximize our patented spinning disc technology and calibrated vacuum suction. We are excited to see your passion for the innovative products we will be launching in the future. Keep up-to-date with us by joining our community on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Pinterest.

Sam Alexander, CEO