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A NewBeauty panel put the PMD Kiss to test. After 8 weeks of use their results were amazing.


Saw an increase in lip volume after using PMD Kiss.


Felt PMD Kiss was convenient and easy to use.


Felt PMD Kiss made lips look and feel more youthful.


Saw an increase in natural lip color.


Felt PMD Kiss decreased lip lines and lip wrinkles.


Saw visible results lasting for more than 2 hours.



"After eight weeks, I saw a difference in the texture of my lips. Normally dry, I would say they are much more smooth overall." -Panelist 1

"I loved how simple it is to use and how portable it is. Great to take on the go and the results are instant!" -Panelist 2

"I really like how this works and the results are great! It is a quick and easy step to incorporate into my every day routine." -Panelist 3

"The results are great. The lipgloss has plumper effects and with kiss, it gives a beautiful look. I especially like to use it before an event." -Panelist 4

"My lips feel plumper after each use and the improvement in the lines of my lips are noticeable the more I use the device - they also feel smoother and the color of my lips also improved!" -Panelist 5

"I was so excited to try the product, especially because I've been interested in lip fillers before but have never followed through. This is the perfect solution." -Panelist 6

"I love it! My lips were noticeably fuller and brighter." -Panelist 7