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A panel of 30 Women were selected by NewBeauty to test the Personal Microderm.


Noticed their skincare products absorbed better.


Felt skin was healthier with regular use of the Personal Microderm


Felt more confident in their skin after using the Personal Microderm.


Found their skin smoother and softer after using the Personal Microderm.



"I love how I can really feel my skincare products penetrating deep down."
-Beauty Panelist 1

"I'm kind of hooked on this product now. I count down the days until I can use it again." -Beauty Panelist 2

"I liked that I actually saw my skin look brighter and healthier." -Beauty Panelist 3

"My skin looks and feels great. I thought it looked good before; I had no idea it could improve this much!" -Beauty Panelist 4

"I love it! It is so similar to a spa microderm that I don't think I will ever have to pay for one again!" -Beauty Panelist 5

"I absolutely love this product! I felt that my skin was so much softer & smoother. My makeup applied better and my skin-tone seemed more even. Obsessed with it! I use every week now." -Beauty Panelist 6